Rules & Regulations

GENERAL CONDITIONS:  Campground Management has taken all reasonable means to ensure that your stay here will be safe, pleasant and enjoyable.  This property is owned and operated by Run Guo Investments and is obligated to abide by all laws, federal, provincial and local.  Many of the following rules and regulations are required by law, and other rules and regulations are for the safety, health and welfare, as well as for the protections of the property rights of the owner.  Consideration and courtesy to others together with your cooperation in maintaining your unit will help sustain the standards of Cameron’s Point Family Campsite Inc. (hereafter known as CPC).  Therefore, these rules and regulations are for your guidance and observance.

  1. Please keep campsite in a clean and safe condition.
  2. QUIET HOURS are from Sunday to Thursday from 10 pm to 8am, and Friday to Saturday from 12 midnight to 9am. During quiet hours No occupant shall create or permit the creation of or continuation of any noise or nuisance that disturbs the comfort or quiet enjoyment of any other occupant, or guest of the campground. If your neighbour can hear your TV/music/voice, it is too loud.  No noise will be permitted outside the R.V. during the quiet hours.  Children must be on your camp site or a campsite supervised by whoever paid the camp site fee by 10pm curfew.  In the event of gathering of campers at the Occupant’s campsite, the Occupant is responsible and will be held accountable to ensure that the noise restrictions are observed.
  3. CLOTHESLINES- Clotheslines and umbrella type clotheslines are not permitted. Drying of bath towels and bathing suits only are permitted on the campsite.  Clotheslines may not be strung from trees or shrubs on the campsite.
  4. RV’s-All RV’s having sewage drains shall have their drains sealed for the duration of their stay on any campsite, unless such drains are connected to the approved sewer system. Only one camping unit per site.  No subletting of units are permitted.
  5. ELECTRICITY-Your trailer refrigerator, hot water tank, cooking apparatus and heat systems must be all run on propane. All lots with 30 amp power can use their air conditioning unit.  When your breaker trips it is due to small appliance use (toaster, microwave, coffee maker, etc.) coinciding with your fridge or air conditioning unit cycling at the same time.  Pressure washer and power tools of any kind are not permitted due to the noise they make.  You should watch your electrical use as staff is not always readily available to re-set breakers on a timely basis.
  6. Trailer Hitches- The front of your trailer and hitch must be free and clear of any objects, such as rock gardens, furniture or any other objects. Vehicles may not be parked in front of your trailer hitch while you are not in the park.  We need the hitch free and clear in case of emergency removal of your trailer from your camping site (due to water/sewer leaks, emergency tree/branch removal, etc.)
  7. The Occupant, their family, guests and invitees shall maintain the R.V. , as well as the campsite in a clean and tidy condition. No one shall use, or store any hazardous substance on the campsite or in the R.V.’s.  For the purposes of this clause “hazardous substances” shall include all contaminants, pollutants, wastes, toxic, dangerous or harmful substances or materials.  Manufacture, production, construction, etc., of anything on your camping site is not permitted.  Grass that is not cut on the occupant’s site will incur a cost of $50.00 for Campground staff to cut it.  Garbage strewn about/in front of a camping site will incur a cost of $75.00 for Campground staff to remove.
  8. PETS-All pets are to be kept on a leash and accompanied at all times (not left alone) and their droppings are to be removed and disposed of by owner of the pet. We do not allow pets into the campground that are unfriendly or aggressive towards adults, children, or other pets. Your pet should be quiet and not a source of disturbance to other campers.  Areas where dogs are not permitted: beach or beach area, washrooms, laundry room, and patio and all the surrounding area, waterfront, playground, pool area and ball field.  Do not circulate in the campground with your unless it is restrained by a leash. You may not leave your pet unattended at any time outside on your camp site.  Kennel cages, dog houses, fenced dog runs, etc., and are not permitted on your camp site.  All pets must have their rabies shots as required by law.  We require copies of the registration of all pets and record of rabies certificate.  We also recommend that dogs have their Parvo, Lepto, and Para-influenza shots.
  9. INJURY OR DAMAGE-Willfully causing of injury to a person or damage to the park property will not be tolerated. Management will not be responsible for accidents or injury to campers or guests, or loss of money, jewelry, equipment or valuables of any kind.  Anyone causing an annoyance to other campers will be required to leave upon notification of the Management.  We experience very little crime in the campground; we ask your cooperation in helping us keep it that way.  Please secure your recreational vehicles and valuables, to reduce the risk of any theft or vandalism
  10. Campfires-Due to a federal regulation by the Food Inspection Agency, firewood cannot be brought into the campsite. You must purchase your firewood from the campground.  No open fires of any kind shall be permitted EXCEPT barbeque or a screened in fire pit. Spark arresters are required by law for every campfire. Maximum amount of wood stored on each lot is Not to excide one weeks use. Storage not more than (10 bundles) keep woodpiles neatly stacked. Do not erect lean-to’s or add-ons for wood storage.  Please do not burn any garbage in your campfire.  Styrofoam and plastics release toxins during burning and this poses a serious health hazard!   Fires must be attended by an adult at all times and must be thoroughly extinguished by wetting or covering upon completion of their use.  Always put out fires that are unattended.  Power tools are not permitted, including operating of chainsaws, or skill saws to cut or split wood or to prepare kindling.
  11. FIREWORKS- NOT ALLOWED, except when regulated by the Camper’s Committee.
  12. Garbage-All trash must be placed in plastic GARBAGE bags and put in your trash cans for pick up once a week. All recyclables can be placed in recycle area.  One regular size garbage bag per week is permitted.  Household garbage only.  Large furniture, mattresses, appliances, etc. can be picked up off your lot for a fee of $100.00 per unit. It is strictly forbidden by law to dispose of propane tanks in dumpsters.  Staff is put at risk because compressed propane tanks will explode.  No disposing of hazardous waste such as oil, paint, or batteries. “If you bring it here Please take it home’. DO NOT, AT ANY TIME, LEAVE GARBAGE BAGS ON THE GROUND OVERNIGHT.  IT ATTRACTS WILDLIFE AND CREATES A MESS!!  TO AVOID HAVING CRITTERS MAKE A MESS OF YOUR GARBAGE, PURCHASE A GARBAGE BIN WITH A SECURE LOCKED LID.  WASTE MANAGEMENT AREAS WILL BE MONITORED. ANYONE FOUND IMPROPERLY DISPOSING OF WASTE MATERIAL WIL BE FINED $100.00 AND MAY BE EVICTED AT MANAGEMENT’S DISCRETION.
  13. SPEED LIMIT-Please observe speed limit. Speed limit within the park is 10km per hour at any time.
  14. Parking- One vehicle allowed per lot!  No boats on lots or in designated car parking spots. Do not park on the side of roads.  Do not park in empty lots as they are reserved for prospective campers.  No parking at boat ramps or on the beach.  Surplus cars can be parked at the designated area. Boats and trailers can be parked in designated area.
  15. OFF-ROAD VEHICLES- Mopeds, scooters, electric kiddie cars and ATV’s are not permitted in the campground. Only persons with valid driver’s license shall be permitted to drive golf carts. With the exception of work crew vehicles, ATV’s and dirt bikes are not operated in the park. Trails are available on the north side of the County Rd#2.  Both the driver and acceptable vehicles must be licensed and insured.  No unlicensed drivers are allowed to operate ANY vehicle on the property, including carts.  Please do not allow children under 16 to sit in the driver’s seat while it is being operated.  Motorized vehicles should be used as little as possible, to reduce noise pollution, dust, and accidents.  Speed limits will be strictly enforced. No racing or reckless driving of any sort will be tolerated. No person under the influence of alcohol shall be permitted to drive a golf cart. Your site number should be clearly displayed on your golf cart and proof of insurances provided to the office. All golf carst must be in good mechanical condition including quiet mufflers.
  16. Alcohol & Drugs- According to Ontario Law, alcoholic beverages may be CONSUMED ON A CAMPSITE LOT ONLY. It is not permitted to transport alcohol in open containers or consume alcohol other than on a camping site; therefore the beach area, sports field, roadways, and any other common areas within the campground are off limits to open containers of alcoholic beverages. Use or consumption of illegal substances in Camerons Point is not allowed. Glass containers of any kind are not permitted off the campsite.  Excessive noise, drinking or profanities are not permitted.  There is zero tolerance in this regard.  The age for legal consumption of alcohol in Ontario is 19 years of age.
  17. Pool-Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by parent or guardian in the pool (not less than 16 of age.)  Unaccompanied minors (under 16 years of age) are not allowed to use the pool at any time. Management, at their discretion, reserves the right to instruct anyone to leave the pool. No food, drinks or glass containers are not permitted in the pool area.
  18. BEACH- No Lifeguard or Supervisor on Duty; Swim at your own risk. Parents are responsible for their children’s safety on the beach, at the pool and throughout the park. Grandparents must assume this responsibility when they are the sole guardian. Campfires, alcoholic beverages and glass containers are not permitted on beach.
  19. VEHICLES- No vehicle washing at any time.
  20. WATERING- No lawn/sprinkler watering allowed at any time during the camping season  No dishwashing in rest rooms sinks.
  21. GUESTS- Visitors will have the option of buying a seasonal day pass 150.+ tax per person which will allow them to visit you at the campground through out the season or a day pass each time they visit.  Maximum is 2 adults per seasonal campsite.  The campground has designated a parking area for visitors by the front gate.  Seasonal campers are responsible for their guests and their guests’ actions.  Your visitors may not bring in any pets at any time.  Due to fire regulations, all guests must register at the office before entering the park. Visitors are the responsibility of the occupant/camper & are not allowed on your site without your presence.  Visitors use public parking at entrance, then walk to desired site.  Visitors are not permitted to enter the park between 9 pm and 8 am.  Visitors are requested to vacate the premises by 9pm.  Visitors staying beyond check out time will be charged an additional day’s fee unless arrangements are made with the management.   The staff does not have authority to accept personal cheques unless authorized by management.  
  22. $5.00 day fee per person over the age of 14 upon entrance
  23. Children (ages 4- 17) Visitor Fees- $2.00 fee per child upon entrance. No refunds. Any/all unregistered/over holding visitors or visitors that sneak in will be asked to leave immediately.  These above fees include HST.
  24. Gate access cards are for the sole use of the Registered Camper.
  25. BOAT DOCKS- The docks are available for registered campers only, and can be rented by the season or by the week for short term campers if available. A boat slip will be assigned upon registration.  Boat slip prices are based on the size of the boat.   Boat trailers and / or boats w/trailers have to be stored in a designated area, north end of the West line, not on your lot. Boat docks are provided by the campground.  All docks have been replaced.  Rubber tires are not permitted to be used as bumpers for your boat dock or for any other use within the campground. Do not alter, build or attach anything to the docks. If you have a boat dock, you must provide proper marine bumpers attached to your boat; nothing can be attached to the boat dock.
  26. NATURE TRAILS- We offer hiking trails for your enjoyment, though 60 acres of beautiful land, on the North side of County Road 2. However, please note that until the spring mud has dried up, no access will be allowed to that area.  When walking the trails, please be respectful of the flora and fauna.  No hunting, fishing or carrying any sort of weapon is permitted on the trails or in the campground.
  27. FISH WASTE- Please freeze your fish waste and dispose of it at home. Putting fish waste in the garbage is a violation of environmental law and campsite regulations.  It also attracts unwanted animals and pests. Fish waste deposited in garbage during the summer months causes a health concern and unpleasant odour in the campground.STAFF- If you have any questions, please direct them to the office. Any maintenance requests will be put on a work order with priority in order of urgency.  Do not disturb maintenance staff while they are working as it affects the efficiency of any projects they may be completing.  Many campground employees/contractors camp here at the campground: Please do not disturb them on their campsites or residence for any reason as they are here to enjoy their off time camping as well.  Swearing, rude or aggressive behaviour towards staff (or other campers) will not be tolerated, you will be asked to and expected to leave immediately and there will be no refund.
  28. Requests Any request for maintenance to be done on a campsite must be directed to the office. The requests are put on a to-do list. Emergencies will be dealt with first. All other requests will be done in order of priority. Do not disturb staff while they are at work, on break, or any other time, unless it is an emergency. Please go to the office for any concerns instead of the park maintenance or grounds staff.